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Watch God move in silence

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A busy weekend is upon us, which has me thinking about Sabbath. And silence. Many of us don’t know what to do with our silences. And yet this is when God does some of his deepest work. His silence does not mean his absence. Delay does not mean impotence. Every lull does not require activity. Every vacuum does not need to be filled with words. […]

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Go to those who want you

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Go to those who want you. But especially go to those who want you the most. This is an old John Wesley principle that speaks to the fact that not everybody is going to like us. Not everybody will give us the time of day. Not everybody will appreciate what we bring to the table. It’s not just a religious insight, it’s a […]

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Random thoughts

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1. I’m looking so forward to eating watermelon with our faith family tonight. 2. Can’t wait to go watch Selma. Let’s get out and support this movie. 3. I’m counting the minutes until I get to start preaching through the life of Joseph. This weekend. These have become some of the most redemptive words in my life: God meant it for good. […]

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Don’t go to church to get fed.

Feed sheep

Go to church to get hungry. Don’t go to church to get fed? People say this sounds unbiblical. Didn’t Jesus tell Peter, “Feed my sheep”? That’s the point. We first hear this idea in Ezekiel 34 where God was speaking “against the shepherds of Israel” who failed to feed the sheep and instead fed themselves: “The weak you have not strengthened, […]

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Get the Story Right

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Some time ago I was speaking with a young couple on the verge of getting married and the subject of my marriage came up. The more I talked about the marriage I have experienced – and the wife I enjoy – the more grateful I became. My final assessment was, I’m so blessed it’s crazy. As I walked away from […]

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A call to prayer


Dear faith family, Let’s pray. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’m inviting everyone who reads this to fast and pray for the many needs we are witnessing around the world, including here at home. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and disengaged amid media reports of wars, and disease, racial and ethnic conflict, and corrupt governments, but Believer, you are anything but powerless to bring […]

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