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Bloody cross, empty tomb


I recently found myself in the middle of a very strange conversation with a very educated doctor when the conversation moved to our faith. Of course the most common approach is to assert the viability of every belief, as long as it’s sincere. But after many months of walking with a loved one through illness and the possibility of death, the stakes felt higher. “Everybody believes […]

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So great a salvation

BLOG - so great a salvation

Do not neglect so great a salvation. (Hebrews 2:3) There is so much debate regarding the possibility – or impossibility – of losing salvation. But the far more practical danger is neglecting salvation. Oh to live in the reality and the fullness of this great salvation. Indeed there is a salvation-like promise to drugs and porn and fame and fortune and a thousand other little god-substitutes. But […]

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Fasting from my will.


Not my will, but yours be done. What a stunning thought that Jesus, the King of kings would pray that prayer. That he could will something that was contrary to Father’s will – and yet remain sinless. Possessing a will contrary to God’s is not a sign that we should give up, it’s a sign that we have a human body. This is where […]

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Finish well.


Finish well. In an age of so little perseverance I find these words ringing in my ears like the background music on an elevator. Fight the good fight; keep the faith; finish the race. I can’t count how many times I heard Pastor Arnold Lastinger speak these words of challenge into my life. As a young man with no experience I probably rolled my […]

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