It takes a village to connect the dots.

Christians have to get better at communication.

We are sense-making creatures, and in the absence of good communication we connect the dots for ourselves. The problem is, ever since the Fall we humans have been pitiful dot-connectors.

So communicate.

It saddens me to think about relationships that never start because Christian guys don’t choose to communicate their intentions.   Or marriages that stagnate because couples stop talking.   Or friendships that dissolve because relational misdemeanors become felonies in the absence of communication.  Or spiritual orphans who remain Fatherless because no one has enough guts to communicate the gospel.

If you’re not going to tell them, people are going to connect the dots for themselves.  And that could get ugly.

Because dot-connecting is meant to be done in community.

So communicate. In Proverbs 27:5 Solomon said, “open rebuke is better than love concealed.”  At least we know where we stand.

I’ll try to put a few handles on this communication challenge in the message this weekend.

The story I tell myself

I was speaking with a young couple on the verge of getting married and the subject of my marriage came up. The more I talked about the marriage I have experienced – and the wife I enjoy – the more grateful I became. My final assessment was, I am so blessed it’s crazy.

As I walked away from the conversation I began to think about how rose-colored my glasses seemed to be in that moment.  Was I really being honest?  Was I setting this couple up for disillusionment when they don’t feel that reality I described?  God knows how many difficult seasons these 17 years of marriage have endured .  Some of that has been basic life tribulation.  Much of that has been my sin. A microscopic amount has been my wife’s sin. 🙂  During many seasons of difficulty I’ve not been so positive.

So why was I walking away from this conversation with such joy?

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