A call to prayer

BönDear faith family,

Let’s pray.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’m inviting everyone who reads this to fast and pray for the many needs we are witnessing around the world, including here at home. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and disengaged amid media reports of wars, and disease, racial and ethnic conflict, and corrupt governments, but Believer, you are anything but powerless to bring change! The prayers of the righteous avail much.

  • Pray for our Christian brothers and sisters being persecuted to the point of death in Iraq and Pakistan.
  • Pray for unity, neighborly love, and peace in Ferguson, Missouri and the entire United States.
  • Pray for the citizens of Israel and Palestine.
  • Pray against the ebola plague in West Africa.

On one hand Scripture tells us that we are citizens of heaven. And yet on the other, it describes us as residents of this earth. Jeremiah 29:7 tells us to “Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf; for in its welfare you will have welfare.” The best evidence of being a citizen of heaven is making a difference on earth.

There is evil in this world that loses power when we fast and pray. Prayer is not the only thing to do; but without it the other things to do always fall short.

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Isaiah 58:6

Mike Patz

Jesus in every book of the Bible

I am on background


Here is a list of scratch notes I’ve had in my Bible for years (cut and pasted from today’s sermon).

Jesus from Genesis to Revelation:

In Genesis He is the Creator, the seed of the woman.

Exodus – Our liberator, the Passover Lamb, I am who I am.

Leviticus – Perfect High Priest making perfect sacrifice.

Numbers – Brazen serpent, the cloud and the fire.

Deuteronomy – The prophet to come even greater than Moses.

Joshua – Mighty conqueror, captain of our salvation.

Judges – Your leader, judge, and lawgiver.

Ruth – Your kinsman redeemer.

1 Samuel – Root of Jesse.

2 Samuel – Son of David.

1&2 Kings – He is the King of kings & Lord of lords.

1&2 Chronicles – Your intercessor.

Ezra – Your Temple.

Nehemiah – Your mighty wall.

Esther – He stands in the gap to deliver you from enemies.

Job – Only one who will ever understand your pain.

Psalms – He is your song.

Proverbs – He is your wisdom.

Ecclesiastes – Your purpose.

Song of Solomon – The lover and Bridegroom.

Isaiah – Mighty counselor, prince of peace, everlasting Father, mighty God; the suffering servant.

Jeremiah – The weeping prophet.

Lamentation – The ever-faithful One.

Ezekiel – Your wheel in the middle of a wheel.

Daniel – Ancient of days who never runs out of time, the Son of Man coming in the clouds.

Hosea – Loyal redeeming lover.

Joel – Your refuge, your baptizer with the Holy Spirit.

Amos – Judge of the nations, your burden bearer.

Obadiah – Lord of the kingdom.

Jonah – Your salvation, 3 days and nights in the belly of the earth, the forgiving God.

Micah – The God of justice & mercy, the messenger with beautiful feet

Nahum – The jealous God.

Habakkuk – The holy One.

Zephaniah – The witness.

Haggai – Desire of the nations, the cleansing fountain.

Zechariah – Riding on a colt, the pierced Son.

Malachi – Son of righteousness with healing in His wings.

–  –  –  –

Matt – King of Jews, messiah.

Mark – The servant, the Holy One of God.

Luke – Son of Man.

John – The Son of God, the only begotten, The I am: Bread of life, Light of the world, Door of the sheep, Good Shepherd, Resurrection and the life, the Way and truth and life, True Vine.

Acts – Savior of the world, Prince of life, Judge of the living and the dead.

Romans – The righteousness of God, the justifier.

1 Corinthians – The rock that followed Israel, the last Adam.

2 Corinthians – Your triumphant One.

Galatians – Your liberty.

Ephesians – Your peace breaking down the wall, Head of the church.

Philippians – Your joy.

Colossians – Your completeness, the image of the invisible God.

1 Thessalonians – Your hope.

2 Thessalonians – Your glory, your soon and coming King.

1 Timothy – Your faith, the mediator between man & God.

2 Timothy – Your stability.

Titus – Your reason for serving, your blessed hope.

Philemon – Your benefactor.

Hebrews – Your perfection.

James – Power behind your faith, the Lord of glory.

1 Peter – Your example, the chief shepherd, the living stone.

2 Peter – Your purity.

1 John – Your life.

2 John – Your pattern.

3 John – Your motivation.

Jude – Foundation of your faith, the only wise God our savior.

Revelation – Alpha & Omega, lion of the tribe of Judah, the soon & coming King.

–  –  –  –

If you are depressed – He is the man of sorrows.

Carpenter – Door.

Banker – Hidden treasure.

Soldier – Captain of the hosts.

Confused – Light.

Hungry – Bread of life.

Thirsty – Living water.

Wandering – Good Shepherd.

Professor – The greatest teacher.

Slave – Your ransom.

Astronomer – The bright & morning star.

Geologist – Rock of ages.

Builder – Chief cornerstone.

Doctor – Great physician.

Florist – Lily of the valley, rose of sharon.

Jeweler – Pearl of great price.

Architect – Sure foundation.

War weary – Prince of peace.

Writer – Author & finisher of our faith.

Lost – WAY.

Deceived – TRUTH.

Dying – LIFE.





If you’re a sinner —LAMB OF GOD who takes away sin of world.


The Son … must be lifted. (John 3:14)

Ed Clowney was fond of pointing out that it is very possible to know Bible stories, but miss the Bible story. Where God is the main character; where world redemption is the plot; where Jesus is the center.

When the esteemed Jewish ruler Nicodemus failed to connect the dots as Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God, Jesus changed gears and pointed to an Old Testament story about a brazen serpent. He began to reveal himself. Because the kingdom cannot be deduced, it must be revealed. And it gets revealed when the Son is lifted.

If we will but look.