5 reasons the Gators will beat Ole Miss this weekend

5. The Swamp. Noise. Humidity. Sellout. Magic.

4. Hargreaves > Treadwell. WR Laquon Treadwell is great, but CB Vernon Hargreaves III is greater.

3. Catalyst. The last time Ole Miss came to town they served as the catalyst for a Gator national championship, as Tebow gave the legendary speech. Rebels pull greatness out of Gators.

2. Fourth down. The Gators own 4th down. Coach Mac pulls the trigger on 4th down.

1. Did I mention the Swamp? I tried to find tickets to the game but would have had to mortgage my house to buy them. The fans will be out in force. And only Gators come out alive.

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  1. This is hilarious. ..I love it. ..I’m forwarding it to my husband. ..he’ll love it tambien! Ha haaaa

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