So great a salvation

Do not neglect so great a salvation. (Hebrews 2:3)

There is so much debate regarding the possibility – or impossibility – of losing salvation. But the far more practical danger is neglecting salvation. Oh to live in the reality and the fullness of this great salvation.

Indeed there is a salvation-like promise to drugs and porn and fame and fortune and a thousand other little god-substitutes. But they always break their promises.

So great a salvation is altogether unique.

Pardom from all guilt. Forgiveness of all sin. Full atonement. Fresh start. New nature. New name. New covenant. New spirit. New heart. New eyes. New ears. New creation. New birth. One day he will make all things new.

So great a salvation.

Healing from sickness. Comfort in brokenness. Power to overcome. Strength for the journey. Joy inexpressible. Peace inexplicable. Access to the Father. Innocence that we long for. Love that we were made for. An inheritance without compare. A seat in heavenly places. Angels to protect us. A kingdom that cannot be shaken. Freedom, authority, purpose, destiny, hope, and a future.

Do not neglect so great a salvation.

Stir up your gifts, develop your talents, discover your place, and do your deal. Set your mind on things above, number your days, refuse to waste your life, and go. Having been loved, love. Having been served, serve. Having been forgiven, forgive. Having been reached, reach. Having been rescued, rescue. Having been changed, change.

Maybe we should do less talk about joining a movement, and just go move something. In the name of the author of so great a salvation. Jesus.

Published by Mike Patz

Question isn't merely, Will I go to heaven when I die? but, Will heaven come to earth while I live?

3 thoughts on “So great a salvation

  1. How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation (Heb.2:3) A great warning is given “How shall we escape” actually tells us that there is no escape “if we neglect”. All that man can do is to kill the body, but God can put the soul and the spirit into Hell.(Mt.10:28)

  2. There’s such wisdom in your words.
    Thank you Pastor Mike you are anointed and it’s such blessing to be part of a movement of this size ! Go out church out of the comfort zone and be the eyes and arms of Jesus.

  3. Thank you for being faithful to deliver the message you were given. My wife and I watched online for the 0900 service, then went out and walked the prayer path. There is a peace in knowing how great my salvation is, but a discomfort in knowing that there are many out there who do not know the Jesus who gave it to me, and are separated from the life changing power He provides with His salvation. I long to be fully broken and spilled out for Him, so that others can know and experience His great salvation.

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