Dare you to pray this prayer

I’ve been particularly stirred by the life of John Wesley in recent weeks, and found myself praying one of his prayers this morning. Here is my modified version of it: Lord Jesus, because you have received me into your house, because you have called me your own, because you have made me your child, IContinue reading “Dare you to pray this prayer”

Can I pledge my allegiance to politics?

I wish we’d ask good questions. Here’s one: Can you really be loyal to Jesus and also be loyal to a political party? Don’t get me wrong; I’m sold on being salt of the earth. Light in the darkness. Voice for the voiceless. I love to see Christians getting involved in every sector of society.  SomeContinue reading “Can I pledge my allegiance to politics?”

I am bothered by …

I am bothered by … toxic, cheap charity that never really helps the oppressed. I am bothered by … a painfully natural church representing an untamed and supernatural God. I am bothered by … trivial answers to complex problems. I am bothered by … shallow christianity that never leads to true discipleship. I am botheredContinue reading “I am bothered by …”

Sugar-high happiness (journal excerpt)

By request, this is an excerpt I read from my journal last weekend.  Read it like I wrote it, unedited. Everybody has their native sin – something that seems to be part of who they are. Add to that a culture of self-worship, sliding standards, and personal happiness as the ultimate pursuit and we haveContinue reading “Sugar-high happiness (journal excerpt)”

The morning after Chick-fil-A day

It’s the morning after the Chick-fil-A drama and I’m still chewing. I remember the day I was sitting next to an incredibly nice gay guy, enjoying a really good conversation when he dropped the ultimate conversation-killer. “What do you do for a living?” I hate that question.  I hate that question because people can’t helpContinue reading “The morning after Chick-fil-A day”

It takes a village to connect the dots.

Christians have to get better at communication. We are sense-making creatures, and in the absence of good communication we connect the dots for ourselves. The problem is, ever since the Fall we humans have been pitiful dot-connectors. So communicate. It saddens me to think about relationships that never start because Christian guys don’t choose toContinue reading “It takes a village to connect the dots.”