Letter from a Birmingham jail – part 1

12 April 1963 … White Birmingham ministers write to Martin Luther King, Jr. calling for an end of all demonstrations. The morning after being placed in solitary confinement a newspaper was slipped to King, where he found an advertisement paid by clergymen criticizing his activities. With no pad or paper to write on, King beganContinue reading “Letter from a Birmingham jail – part 1”

‘Twas the night before Elections

‘Twas the night before elections… And I can’t shake the words of Abraham Lincoln. “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.” Should we have such a concern? There is a parallel thought in the book of Joshua. Commander JoshuaContinue reading “‘Twas the night before Elections”

How is a Christian to vote? -part 2

Tell us who to vote for. Wouldn’t that be easy. But I’m not trying to use discipleship to do an election; I’m trying to use an election to do discipleship. It’s not that this election doesn’t matter. It does. But not as much as making disciples. I write for our little tribe of Jesus-followers to reconsider ourContinue reading “How is a Christian to vote? -part 2”

The presidential debate and the open mind

There’s nothing like a presidential debate to bring out the crazy in people. But it wasn’t the predictable political bias from all the networks that stood out to me after Wednesday’s debate.  It was a lesson I keep having to relearn about us homo sapiens: many people have no intention of changing their mind. IContinue reading “The presidential debate and the open mind”

Can I pledge my allegiance to politics?

I wish we’d ask good questions. Here’s one: Can you really be loyal to Jesus and also be loyal to a political party? Don’t get me wrong; I’m sold on being salt of the earth. Light in the darkness. Voice for the voiceless. I love to see Christians getting involved in every sector of society.  SomeContinue reading “Can I pledge my allegiance to politics?”

The morning after Chick-fil-A day

It’s the morning after the Chick-fil-A drama and I’m still chewing. I remember the day I was sitting next to an incredibly nice gay guy, enjoying a really good conversation when he dropped the ultimate conversation-killer. “What do you do for a living?” I hate that question.  I hate that question because people can’t helpContinue reading “The morning after Chick-fil-A day”