“I just want you to hold me.”

I just want you to hold me. Those were the syllables streaming off the lips of my new bride on the first night of our marriage. Just to give you context, we waited. And waited. And I can’t overstate how ready I was to fully know my wife. Biblically. As Jesus followers we were saving our sexContinue reading ““I just want you to hold me.””

Medical update and questions I’m asking

Here’s an update on my medical condition and how it has me thinking. After five weeks of vocal problems a specialist let me know that I have a cyst on my left vocal fold that is damaging the right vocal fold every time I talk. I’m sure you can imagine all the thoughts that goContinue reading “Medical update and questions I’m asking”

Envy is idiotic

Envy is idiotic. I loved hearing this in church today. The wise man gets it. “A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.” (Proverbs 14:30) Why? Because it’s not just that we’re not satisfied; we’re not satisfiable. Ever since the beginning our fault-finding streak has been killing us. Even inContinue reading “Envy is idiotic”

Sex is not about sex – part 2

We really do have a sex problem. Yesterday we said that sex is deeper than a right or an identity. Today I want to take a look at another harmful approach to sex: Appetite. If we’re honest, our culture has trained us to view sex as an appetite:  If you’re hungry, you should eat.  If you’re thirsty,Continue reading “Sex is not about sex – part 2”

Sex is not about sex – part 1

Sex. Of course you’re still reading. But it’s not just about sex. In the culture we live in, you can’t really become a follower-lover-apprentice of Jesus without confronting the sex questions head-on. And Jesus wants to be the Lord of your sex life. We have a real challenge because we tend to gravitate toward harmful approachesContinue reading “Sex is not about sex – part 1”

Don’t go to church to get fed

Go to church to get hungry. Don’t go to church to get fed? People say this sounds unbiblical. Didn’t Jesus tell Peter, “Feed my sheep”? That’s the point. We find this idea in Ezekiel 34 where God was speaking “against the shepherds of Israel” who failed to feed the sheep and instead fed themselves: “The weak youContinue reading “Don’t go to church to get fed”