Sex is not about sex – part 1

Sex. Of course you’re still reading. But it’s not just about sex. In the culture we live in, you can’t really become a follower-lover-apprentice of Jesus without confronting the sex questions head-on. And Jesus wants to be the Lord of your sex life. We have a real challenge because we tend to gravitate toward harmful approaches […]

Rating your dating – pt3 – What about online dating?

More questions from our faith family… Is it okay to be single and NOT be sexually frustrated? I would have paid money for this while I was single. However, it’s less likely for anybody who is highly stimulated by sight. Modesty is a forgotten virtue, so even if someone starts to break free from porn, […]

Rating your dating – pt2 – What questions should I be asking?

Disclaimer: these are responses to the questions from our faith family. I’ll hit a few questions each day. 1) Can you encourage godly men to be honest and clear when interested in a young woman? Hey godly men, please be honest and clear when you are interested in a young woman. Unless – that would awaken love […]