Some things are worth fighting for.

Some things are worth fighting for. And some things are not. So distinguish between levels of certainty. This will help you differentiate between what is essential and what is controversial. Some things are worth dying for. Some are worth dividing for. Some things are worth debating for. Some are only worthy of deciding for. Be […]

Wrong people

Ever noticed how much God loves using the wrong people? Maybe you feel too young.  Or too old.  Or too weak.  Or too uneducated.  Or too analytical.  Or too simple.  Or too timid.  Or too introverted.  Or too ordinary.  Or too sinful. Or too whatever. Perhaps the most boring Bible-reading of the New Testament Scriptures […]

What I’ve been reading lately

By request, here are some of the books and magazines I’ve been reading lately. In no particular order. Movements That Change The World, Steve Addison The Dream: Martin Luther King & the Speech that Inspired a Nation, Drew Hansen Tribes, Seth Godin Our Father Abraham, Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, Marvin Wilson Pascal’s Pensees, […]